Welcome! At Pain Free Fitness Academy we give you all the tools you need to return to an active lifestyle free from pain without costly medical bills and wasted hours sitting in waiting rooms.

“Mike is by far the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. I am a Special Forces Green Beret with 31 years of service.

I have been injured multiple times, both in training and overseas. I have been living with large amounts of pain for years and I am now living a full life with an enormous amount of pain reduction. This has been life changing for me.

I have never met a more caring and well-rounded physical therapist in all my past 5 years of major medical care. He is without a doubt my first go-to for any and all PT issues.”

-Russ J.

"I have been to many Physical Therapists over the years and I've learned more from one course than all of those visits combined."

-Kristi Rose

Michael Infantino

Hi, I’m Michael Infantino

Welcome to the Pain Free Fitness Academy!

This online school was created to help busy people find quality solutions for exercising and engaging in the activities they love FREE from pain, from the comfort of their own home.

It has become clear that we can be more effective and serve more people through the addition of online education.

To learn how to better care for your own body visit us at RehabRenegade.com.