Getting Started

Getting Started: What you will learn in each section.

Let me start off by saying, don't get too caught up with whether you have Sciatica OR Back Pain, or Both. Pain at the back and radiating pain down the leg (Sciatica) entail a similar treatment approach, which we thoroughly provide in this course.

Step 1: Sciatica & Back Pain Overview

This first module is all about taking the first step on the Road To Recovery. You can’t do that if you don’t understand why you have Sciatica and/or Back Pain. Building this foundation will help you determine your next move. Whether that is diving into your transformation or scheduling an urgent medical appointment. 

Step 2: Stop the Pain

When initiating a rehabilitation program the goal is not more exercise. We want to put the fire out, not ignite it. People mistakenly fall into one of two extremes, the "no pain, no gain" group or the "hurt equals harm" group. We are going to introduce you to the concept of Pacing so you know when to push and when to back off in an effort to prevent repeated pain flare ups.

We will also begin to introduce exercises that are wonderful for pain reduction, while helping you understand what “good” low back posture actually looks like and how you can fine tune this position to prevent pain on a daily basis.

Step 3: Living Without Pain

This section is all about teaching you how to adopt standing and sitting postures that don't cause pain, and how to move throughout the day to prevent pain. Small tweaks in how you position yourself combined with quality spine healthy movement can make all the difference.

Step 4: Preventing Future Pain

The fear that pain will return is always at the back of our minds. Pain is inevitable and at this point you understand how to stop pain in it's tracks when it does return. The exercises introduced in this section will not only help with pain relief, but they will also help make you more resilient to injury. You will begin to strengthen your back and create flexibility exactly where you want it.

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